[IEVS] IEVS Mail Accounts

LinuXperia linuxperia at gmx.ch
Mi Jul 15 14:17:52 CEST 2015

Hi Cyrill
Hi Alexej
Hi Benjamin
Hi Alejandro
Hi Antonio

Your IEVS Email Accounts i setup
are ready to be used and can be accessed

via the Mail Web Interface at

Your new Email Address and
the Temporary Password that you need to change
were sent over direct messages on Meetup.

Soon it should be possible also to use the new Email
addresses also with Email Clients like OutlookExpress, Thunderbird or 

Reading the mails works allready only sending makes at the moment Problem
as there is some strange Problem with the TLS Certifacte that i need 
first to resolve.

Please use the new Mail Adresses only for related Communication
and not for Private non organization related stuff.

See you all later.
Greetings Romeo

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