[IEVS] Festival of Code

LinuXperia linuxperia at gmx.ch
Do Jul 16 12:20:51 CEST 2015

Hi Oleg !

Good to read you finally at the IEVS Mailing List, and
thanks also for attending our meeting yesterday.

We missed you already the last few Times  :-)

 > Fab Labs are also at the heart of the Muséomix
 > <http://www.museomix.ch/pdf/kit-museomix-DE.pdf> at the Museum für
 > Kommunikation in November. If you'd like to take part, I believe it's 
 > possible to sign up. Let me know if you do.

This one is really Interessting.
 From the PDF it writtes that their Goal is
"Die Entwicklung von Prototypen im
Bereich der digitalen Museologie
, mit denen
das Publikum die Museumssammlung neu
entdecken kann. "

As i am working on a 3D Virtual Reality Camera Prototype
this fits great ! I will Create a Interactive 3D Movie at Musem and 
Upload it for a Virtual Reality Walk trough to the Museum.

Sign me up for this if it is still Possible.

 > As mentioned, I'd be glad to
 > see any of you join in to the* Festival of Code* that will take place at
 > the Fab Lab at the last week of the month (27 July - 2 August). You can
 > find details & let us know when you'd like to participate here:
 > http://soda.camp/festival_of_code/bern/2015/

You asked for a Contribution.
 From what i see this is more related to Data Science Programming, 
Visualization and Analysis.

Benjamin from Australia that you meet shortly yesterday is our Data 
Science and Analysis Crack. If i am not wrong he is even doing a Master 
Thesis about it or something in that Direction.
I myself i am not doing really much in this Field.

You suggested that i could do the Google CardBoard VR Headset Build.
I have Spare Lenses and could Organize additional Ones so the Kids
can build there own VR Headsets.
If that is something you like then book me for the Event and tell me the 

Would be great as a back Contribution however if you could join our
IEVS *Society* as a Member. We allways like to have such engaged and 
skilled People in our Group !


 > Finally a few of us in Bern are into retro/power computing and electronic
 > art: the crossing of the two is the underground event formerly known as
 > Bünzli, now Demodays. We would like to invite you all to a "demoshow" at
 > the end of August, but we need a little help to organise it - if
 > interested, please let me know.

This one i will have probably to pass becouse of lack of time but i like 
the Idea. Maybe someone else want to help out with the Organization of 
this Event.
Would be great having it for sure.

Thanks for your Engagement Oleg.
Greetings Romeo.

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