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Sa Jul 25 13:14:48 CEST 2015

Am 22.07.2015 um 16:30 schrieb Alejandro Garcia:

> Hi all,
Hi Alejandro

 > Romeo, I attach here two photos of the line follower robot I built some
 > years ago. Feel free to add them to the IEVS web if you like.

Woow Great Job Alejandro.
This Robot Photos looks really Great ! Well Done !
I have uploaded them just now to our IEVS Web page.
One time you should see it direct on the Front Page.


and the other time i created for you as a Member Project
that need to be filled with additional Information by you.

See here:


If you need infos about how to write additional Infos as wiki style for 
a Project just look at the bottom of the page when you click the Edit 
Link for your Project at the bottom as a logged User on the ievs.ch Web 

You can also of course checkout some other existing Projects that are 
showed on the Page to see how they have done it already !

The IEVS webpage is programmed that way that a Member can edit it
freely and independently without to ask first for a permission by 
someone else or wait till somebody do it for him.

> I discussed with the collegue who developed the home automation system with
> the Odroid board (http://www.hardkernel.com/main/main.php) and
> he offer him to come and present by the end of this year or begining of
> next.

Thank you very much for your Engagement.
Yes having good presentation is very helpful.
I like especially this Odroid Board Computer.
I am planning one also to buy. They just had a Price Reduction
for the new Octa Core Processor.
Would be great if it can be maked.

> Can anybody forward this email to Benjamin? I cannot find his email
> address. :(

I sent this email to the Mailing List where all members are subscribed.
This was Benjamin get the Email too.
I suggest you to write always to the Mailing List where all People
are subscribed so they get your Email instead for contacting every one 
separately. To send a email to the IEVS Mailing List just write or reply
to ievs (at) ml.ievs.ch

> Hot end of July!,
> Cheers, Alejandro

Have a nice time too Alejandro.

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