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Ubuntu Core Porting and Deployment


This How To describe Step by Step how to port and Deploy Ubuntu Core to test and run it as a example as a Virtual Instance using qemu or Virtual Box.


Download the newest ubuntu-core image version release for your target Computer Architecture from here

Unpack the Ubuntu Core many files to a new ubuntu-core dir using

mkdir ubuntu-core

sudo tar xpzvf ubuntu-core-* -C ubuntu-core/

For having a Backup possibility of your ubuntu core rootfs use this command to copy all the files

sudo cp -a ubuntu-core/ ubuntu-core-back

Kernel Installation

Install your preferred Linux Kernel to the ubuntu-core rootfs

sudo cp -vf /boot/vmlinuz-4.*-generic ubuntu-core/boot/

sudo cp -vf /boot/initrd.img-4.*-generic ubuntu-core/boot/

sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf ubuntu-core/etc/


Chroot inside the new created ubuntu-core dir and configure or install additional packages

sudo chroot ubuntu-core

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get install nano

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