[IEVS] FPGA Network Switch DevKit

LinuXperia linuxperia at gmx.ch
Di Okt 13 07:20:24 CEST 2015

Hi All.

After looking long time for a FPGA Network Device
i came accross this amazing self maked FPGA Network Switch
that can be self Programmed.

I just contacted Sergey to Buy such a DevKit and he just maked me
a very good Offer for the DevKit.

All the needed Parts including the PCB cost 100 USD.
Shipment to Switzerland is 25 CHF Urgent Delivery 2 to 5 Days
and 11 USD for normal Delivery less than 30 Days.

Shipment is in 30 Days after order.

I myself will buy such a FPGA Network Switch DevKit.
Just wanted ask if anybody is interessted also to buying one.

Added to the Attachement a Picture of how the DevKit looks like after 
the soldering of all Parts.

And here is a Video of the FPGA Network Switch DevKit in Action.


More Infos about the FPGA Network Switch DevKit can be found on this 
Website here.


Greetings Romeo

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